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How to Find a Leak In Your Home’s Roof

How To Find A Leak In Your Home’s Roof

Posted by on 26 Mar 2017

A leak within your home roof might have lasting consequences for you and your family. It could cause thousands of dollars worth of damage while impacting your home HVAC efficiency. This is why it’s so important to learn how to pinpoint a leak within your roof. Our team has all the details in this latest post as we present four tips for finding a leak in your home roof.

  1. Look for patches on the wall or ceiling

    Oftentimes, one of the first clear signs that your home has experienced a roof leak is darker patches on the wall or ceiling. This could mean there’s a leak within the roof that’s allowing water into the structural areas of the property

  2. Take a look at the roof structure

    One important process for analyzing potential roof leaks is to review the tiles on the roof for signs of damage. Oftentimes, branches and other debris can knock tiles off the roof. This can allow water inside the home and create the conditions for an extensive home leak. Make sure you carefully use your ladder to review the exterior of the roof for signs of tile chipping and other structural issues.

  3. After heavy rain, check the attic

    You can improve your chances of finding the leak by conducting a thorough inspection of your home during and after a rain storm. Begin the investigatory process in the attic and look for signs of water being allowed through the home roof. Be careful not to step through the ceiling area and watch for other obstructions such as nails and wood that might impede your movement.

  4. Spray potential problem areas with the hose

    Have one person stand at the roof with a hose and then ask that they spray the roof with water at half pressure. Then, stand in the living space below the roof. The person on the roof should spray uphill of any wet spots in the ceiling and then make their way across the roof spraying a small amount of water.  Notify the person on the roof at the first signs of moisture entering the property.

Get professional help.

The roof leak detection process should be ideally left to the professionals. If you don’t have experience in leak detection and would prefer a specialist take on the problem, call our team at Royal York Roofing. We’re available around the clock to address all home leak challenges!

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2 Comment

  • Posted on Mar 28/2017 By Steven P.

    Perfect timing on this blog post! I noticed a small patch around my youngest daughter’s light fixture in her bedroom, and after the recent rain, water started to come in. Thank you for your prompt emergency service and coming to visit our house to address the situation.

  • Posted on Mar 9/2018 By Joe Braxton

    The roofing on our house is getting pretty old and damaged, but we weren’t sure how to find the right person to fix it up for us. I love your point about researching the reputation of the potential roofer. That way, you will be able to find someone that everybody gets great work from.