Cleaning Roof Shingles

Tips For Cleaning Roof Shingles

Posted by on 4 Jul 2016

Your roof is exposed to a lot over the years! Wind, rain, sleet, snow, falling debris…the average Canadian roof has certainly seen it all. Over time, shingles collect dirt and grime, and can detract from the appearance of the roof—and, as a result, the whole house. Here, we’ll go through some tips on how to get your roof shingles clean and looking just like new.

  • Debris: Falling debris, such as tree branches or leaves, can leave a roof looking messy. Debris can also damage your roof, and cause water retention, which can lead to leaks. For sake of both appearance and functionality, it’s important to keep your roof clean of debris. Fortunately, debris is usually easy to remove. It can be removed by hand, with a leaf blower, or with a soft broom or brush.
  • Dark stains: Black stains on a roof are quite common and are caused by algae living in the shingles, or “roof mold”. Algae can be removed by a variety of cleaning products, including DIY products that including hot water or bleach. Before using any product, make sure you check with a roofing professional and look at your shingle warranty to make sure the product won’t damage your shingles.
  • Avoid pressure washing: Your instinct when it comes to stains and dirt on your roof may be to pressure wash. This is a big don’t. The granules on your shingles are there for a reason—to protect from UV rays. Pressure washing can cause these granules to fall off, and may lead to you needing to replace your shingles sooner rather than later!
  • Moss: Moss can seriously damage your roof. There are many cleaning products available specifically for removing moss from rooftops.
  • Don’t use a stiff broom: While cleaning your roof, do not use a stiff brush or broom. Like pressure washing, this can also damage or remove the granules on your shingles.

Hopefully these tips are helpful when it comes to cleaning your roof shingles, but here’s the number one tip: Be Safe. Being on your roof is dangerous, and can be even more so if the roof is wet and slippery with water, or cleaning products. Make sure you’ve taken all necessary safety precautions, and proceed with caution while cleaning your roof.

Better yet, call the experts. At Royal York Roofing, we can provide safe and thorough roof maintenance. Contact us today for more information.

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