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A roof is like a diamond encrusted crown. It is a majestic topper that sits upon a building’s head, showing off the legacy of the structure through intricate design. Oftentimes, in order to preserve a building’s rich heritage, it’s best to start at the top. How do you maintain the elegance and shape of a building’s roof without replacing it completely and starting from scratch? Royal York Roofing has the answer: Roof restoration.

What is Roof Restoration?

Roof restoration is the process of returning a building’s roof to its former condition. This entails re-creating the original aesthetics of the roof without compromising the building’s structure.

At Royal York Roofing, we use durable materials that mimic the look of the original roof. We provide everything from expert carpentry to tiling and can even equip the roof with snow guards to help preserve the restoration work we’ve completed. We approach each project with the expertise necessary to restore roofing to what it once was: a beautiful work of art.

Heritage and History

A building’s heritage is what makes it unique. It is its legacy and that construction should be maintained throughout the building’s lifetime. Royal York Roofing understands the importance of preserving the overall appearance of a roof while extending the period between repairs. With our extensive knowledge of roofing materials and construction, we are able to keep each building’s original style and ensure that our restorations last for years to come. We use only materials that are compatible with the building’s existing roof such as slate and cedar and can restore copper eaves and flashings as well.

A building’s history starts with its facade and roof, and we intend to retain that legacy through our expert craftsmanship. Many building’s across the Greater Toronto Area are of great historical significance to their communities. Our goal is to keep the building’s history intact as we rehabilitate and transform the roof into what it once was.

Our Restorative Work

At Royal York Roofing we pride ourselves on the quality craftsmanship of our restorations. We have restored the roofs of many buildings across the GTA and our favourites include:

  • Toronto Metropolitan United Church:
    A staple in the its community since the early 1930s, this Toronto church needed restoration work that would mirror its original look. By recreating the authentic style of the roof we were able to bring the same charm and characteristics that the building is known for.
  • Portuguese Presbyterian Speaking Church:
    Located in the Bloorcourt section of Toronto, this church was established in 1988. We were able to impart the original roofing style and re-establish its timeless beauty.
  • St. Cecilia’s Catholic Church:
    Built in the early 1900s, this house of worship is one of the oldest buildings in its area. Through restoration work, we were able to refurbish the state of the roof and mimic its original style.
  • Crescent School:
    This Toronto institution is highly-regarded and known as one of the leaders in boys education in the province. It was important to us to maintain the prestige of the building and restore it to its original stature. In 1970, the school moved to its current location in the former Frank P. Wood estate, and we were able to recreate the roofing style of the time.

Contact Royal York Roofing today at 416-760-ROOF (7663). Let us restore your building’s roof and preserve its history.



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