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When it comes to roofing, we have all the answers. Please peruse our Frequently Asked Questions section for answers to all your roofing queries. If there’s any stone left unturned (or, in this case, any roofing tiles), feel free to contact our team! We’re always happy to answer your questions.

  • What roofing services do you perform?

    We offer roofing installation, maintenance, repair and restoration. Basically, if you have a roof or want a new one, we’re the company for the job.

  • My chimney is blocked. Can you come take a look?

    We can do better- we can fix it! Our team is skilled in not only removing any debris from your chimney, but we can take measures to ensure that the buildup won’t happen again.

  • What do I do about my clogged eavestrough?

    Call us. We offer eavestrough cleaning and maintenance.

  • What can I do about damaged siding?

    We will repair your old siding or install new cladding. Whatever your property requires, we can do it.

  • Can you fix my rooftop deck?

    We can repair and maintain your rooftop deck, making sure it’s ready for summer. Whether the structure has been compromised, natural disasters have taken their toll, or poor craftsmanship left your deck in bad condition, our team can get it looking its best once again.

  • What carpentry services do you offer?

    In terms of carpentry, we offer services that range from the building of rooftop decks to skylight framing.

  • What are the best roofing materials?

    There are no “best” roofing materials. We use a variety of materials such as asphalt, copper, slate, cedar etc. It depends on the job and what the client wants for their roofing project. We can make recommendations based on the type of property you have and the slope of the roof. Some materials are better suited for flat roofs, while others work best with sloped roofs.

  • How long will my roof last?

    If we installed it, your roof will last a very long time. Generally, roofing systems can last upwards of 30 years if they are well maintained.

  • I have a multi-residential property that needs a new roof. Can you help?

    Absolutely. We specialize in all types of roofing whether it’s flat roofing, sloped roofing, commercial and industrial roofing, and roofing residential and multi-residential properties.

  • What areas do you service?

    We service Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville).

If we have not answered your very specific question, we would like to. Please contact us at 416-760-ROOF (7663). We’re happy to help and give your property a beautiful new roof.



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