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Etobicoke may be part of Toronto, but it’s got it’s own style and flair.

The area is known for its beautiful aquatic bordering – Lake Ontario to the south, the Humber River to the east and Etobicoke Creek to the west. With so many gorgeous bodies of water surrounding the area, it’s no wonder the 347,948 Etobicoke residents maintain homes as beautiful as the rivers and lakes.

Water is great when it’s contained in its natural element but how do you keep it from entering your home through the roof? With Royal York Roofing, the roof on your Etobicoke home can remain leak free.

Leaks, debris, damage and more

Your roof should be built to last, especially if we installed it! However rain, snow, wind and heat can take a toll on your roofing system leaving you with warped shingles and even holes.

Living in Etobicoke you know how brutal the winters can be with the excessive cold, the powerful snowstorms and even the occasional ice storm. Your roof takes a beating during the average Southern Ontario winter and you need Royal York Roofing to repair any damage, remove debris and stop leaks before they start. Whether you need a roof checkup after an unusually bad winter or want to install a rooftop deck to enjoy our warm Etobicoke summers, we are your one-stop-shop.

Who we are

Royal York Roofing has been installing custom roofing across the Greater Toronto Area for many years. We specialize in residential, multi-residential, commercial, industrial and institutional roofing systems. We also repair, restore and maintain roofing across the GTA.

Furthermore, we offer additional services such as copper and aluminum works, siding, masonry and carpentry, and eavestrough cleaning. We do more than just fix leaky roofs; we do everything a roof needs to maintain its functionality without sacrificing your home’s style.

Our safety commitment

We pride ourselves on our commitment to safety. We are fully insured, licensed and covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.

Royal York Roofing maintains a strong relationship with this board because we feel that it is our duty as roofers to not only provide quality craftsmanship, but also the safest environment for our employees and the people whose properties we work on. Additionally, we are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau because we believe customer service and client satisfaction matter.

We are located at 30 Plywood Place, Unit 2 in Toronto. Visit our office – it’s only a short drive from Etobicoke, or call us at 416-760-ROOF (7663). Royal York Roofing will improve your existing roof or create a beautiful new one.

Whether you run a business or own a family home, we’re your one-stop-shop for all your roofing needs! Keep the water off your roof and in the Humber, where it belongs.



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