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Chimney Maintenance & Repair ServiceIf your home has a chimney or fireplace, you know that it needs to be maintained in order to provide its usual comforting warmth in a safe fashion. Besides the cozy atmosphere a chimney brings, it can help keep heating costs down if you take care of it.

We provide chimney repairs to ensure that everything from the flue to the brickwork keeps working properly to keep you warm and your home properly ventilated.

What are common chimney problems?

Hot air is less dense than cold air, which causes it to rise. When your chimney is filled with hot air (in the form of gas), it rises to create a pressure difference known as a draft. The draft draws combustion air into the chimney’s flue so that it can be expelled outside instead of going back into your house making it way too hot. When this gas is drawn up from the flue into the atmosphere, deposits of creosote are unleashed inside the chimney’s walls. These deposits can build up over time and cause blockage, which makes for an extremely flammable environment.

Our team of skilled chimney cleaners and repair professionals will remove the deposits and unblock the flue to get the structure working again. If creosote is not removed regularly through chimney maintenance, it can lead to improper venting and the eventual escape of carbon monoxide.

Let us clean your chimney before you have a carbon monoxide outbreak in your home!

Chimney blockage can also be caused by birds that have chosen the stack as the perfect place to make their nests in. Finally, there are the leaves and other debris that the wind has blown in which are also the culprits behind chimney obstructions.

Regular maintenance goes a long way

As with any household product and structure, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

Regular chimney maintenance will keep the flue clean and prevent creosote blocking within the stack. If you are not a professional chimney sweep, do not attempt to remove this blockage on your own. It can be highly dangerous and our crew has the right equipment and tools to get the creosote deposits out of the flue’s lining safely. We can also repair cracks in the flue, update the lining to the more durable steel option (some are made of clay which does not endure the test of time and heat) and fix any problems within the brickwork.

Lastly, we can remove all debris, leaves and bird’s nests from the stack, getting your chimney up and running again.

To request a free estimate, inquire about our other services or schedule chimney repair, please contact us at 416-760-7663. Let us fix your chimney today so you can keep warm tomorrow.



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