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Eavestrough Cleaning Service

Eavestrough Cleaning ServiceWe’ll move our couch to get behind it to vacuum. We’ll polish our floors until they are spotless. We’ll clean our front steps with power washers and will re-stain our patios. We’ll dust, we’ll shine and even protect our furniture with expensive polish. Why then, when do a complete home cleaning, do we often forget about our gutter system?

Eavestroughs require cleaning too! Luckily, Royal York Roofing provides thorough cleaning of eavestroughs.

Why do eavestroughs need to be cleaned?

Without proper cleaning, your eavestrough will become clogged and contribute to improper draining. When the water collected in your eavestrough overflows it can ruin your house’s base, causing leaks and eventually leading your roof to rot.

During the winter, the water in your eavestrough can freeze in your downspouts. When water freezes it expands and it will overload your gutters and warp the fascia and soffit so that they cannot support the eavestrough structure.

Furthermore, water can become backed up under your roof’s shingles creating an ice dam and major destruction. If you do not have your gutters cleaned regularly, when the snow melts and we experience that fresh spring thaw, a goopy, mucky mess will shoot out of your eavestrough, making the already incurred damage even worse.

How often do gutter systems needs to be cleaned?

It is recommended that eavestroughs be cleaned every six months. Depending on the amount of rain or snow the area that the home is situated in receives; cleaning can be scheduled every four months or after a new season begins. In the summer, the threat of snow and ice does not exist, but thunderstorms and heavy summer winds can blow leaves, branches and other debris into your rain gutters causing them to block your gutters and cause water backup.

Professional gutter cleaning

Most homeowners do not want to spend their free time cleaning out their rain gutters, or they may not have the proper equipment in place in order to undertake such a big cleaning job. Before buying a ladder and trying to clean your gutters yourself, consider using the services of a professional!

Royal York Roofing offers eavestrough cleaning because we know that you’re busy and we don’t want to see you get hurt. DIY gutter cleaning can lead to injuries and roof damage if you do not know exactly what you’re doing. Instead of spending your free time removing debris and water from your rain gutters, let us do the dirty work.

For eavestrough cleaning or to inquire about Royal York Roofing’s other services do not hesitate to contact us at 416-760-7663. We offer free estimates and roofing services that are second to none.



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