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Natural Slate Roof in TorontoWe have been creating gorgeous slate roofs for our clients for many years. At Royal York Roofing we believe that you shouldn’t sacrifice taste in order to get your dream roof, which is why we produce quality roofing every time. If you are looking to change your existing roof or are building a home from scratch, slate roofing is always a good choice.

What Is Slate Roofing?

This specific type of roofing occurs when very smooth pieces of slate are used to make a covering. Slate roofing can be made of synthetic slate or the real thing, and is considered one of the more long-lasting roofing options on the market today.

Long-Term Savings

Slate is one of the most impressive yet expensive types of roofs to install. However, when installed correctly – by us at Royal York Roofing – a slate roof can last for over 100 years. You may not be in your house that long, but you will save money over time and reap the benefits of your slate roof investment since this type of roofing requires minimal maintenance. Slate roofs are sustainable because they can stand up against our hard Canadian winters, and as an Ontarian you know all too well how vicious and unforgiving the cold can be. Furthermore, slate roofs are approximately three times heavier than traditional asphalt shingles but they are able to sustain additional weight such as accumulation after a heavy snowfall.

Customize Your Slate Roof

The size and thickness of slate used for roofing are all of equal importance. Slate comes in a variety of thickness ranging from 3/16” to 1” known as standards to extra heavy. In Ontario, ¼” is the considered the standard. However, even if the standard Ontario-sized slate is used you can still create eye-catching patterns across your roof. For instance, if slate is installed using the same width across the entire roofing surface, a regular pattern will be created. On the other hand, if a variety of widths are used, a different pattern will occur. Depending on what you desire for your slate roof, Royal York Roofing can create the pattern you want.

Color Your Roof

Besides the ability to create gorgeous patterns on your roof, you can further customize slate roofing through its color. Slate comes in an array of colors, grains and textures such as unfading, semi-weathering, and weathering colors. Unfading slate maintains its colour for years, while its semi-weathering counterpart will change moderately over time. It is only the weathering slate colors that change more aggressively. However, a custom blend of colors can be used on any roof to suit your liking.

For a free estimate or to inquire about how slate roofing can change the look of your room please contact us at 416-760-7663.



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