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Emergency Roof Repair Service

Emergency Roof Repair ServiceIt’s the middle of the night. You and your family are tucked away in bed asleep. Suddenly, there is a loud bang. You awaken, startled by the noise. After checking to see that everyone is all right you decide to do some sleuthing. Your investigation reveals that your roof has caved in. Although no one is hurt, a roof disaster has occurred and you need emergency roof repair. You cannot wait until morning to have it looked at; there is a gaping hole in your house! What do you do? You call us. At Royal York Roofing we are prepared to handle any emergency roof repair you may encounter.

What are roofing emergencies?

Any hole, crack, dent or fracture that is causing your roof to sag, leak or fall apart constitutes a roofing emergency.

Commonly, roofing emergencies occur when the gutter system (eavestrough) becomes clogged or routine maintenance isn’t performed. Another factor that can contribute to an unexpected need for roof repair is shoddy workmanship. Not all roofers are as skilled as we are; nor do they have our passion and drive to be the best in the industry. When we install a roof, we install if correctly.

Natural disasters and unruly weather

We cannot control what nature throws at us and sometimes we are struck by weather that causes major damage to our homes. Trees can tumble onto our roofs during a storm creating holes and punctures. Winds can gust so powerfully that they can cause nails and other roof structuring materials to become loose. There are many elements that natural disasters can toss at us that will lead to emergency roof repairs.

Royal York Roofing is here to help and ensure that no matter what nature flings at us, we can repair the damage!

Professional roofing solutions

Repairing your roof on your own may seem like a cheap option in the interim, but you will need a professional’s hand eventually. Worse, you may injure yourself while attempting emergency roof repair or damage your roof even more while trying to fix it.

Contact an industry leader like Royal York Roofing and let us take care of your roof emergency! Our team of roofing professionals will mend your roof properly and in a timely fashion so you’re not disrupted by the work. We know how annoying it can be to have people working on your house when you’re just trying to relax. We assess the situation and fix the problem quickly and properly.

For more information or to have an emergency repair undertaken contact us at 416-760-7663. There is no emergency roof situation that we can’t handle. At Royal York Roofing, we provide roofing solutions you can count on time and time again.



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